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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Oklahoma-based Men & Women

Here is a short look of actors local to OK or TX that we have used several times or at least hope to use soon.  Of course there are many, many  more actors, and several with great character faces, and we need to see the new script to see who fits what, but I wanted you to see some of the looks and experience levels.    Clicking a photo will link to their IMDbpro.  (Actors here are not on ActivePitch.)  Again, this is just a first look.  Being able to do sessions will really allow you to see who is here and who fits what roles.


Meet The Team

Darryl Cox
Ben Hall
Jonathan Lipnicki
Josh Fadem
Asher Guevara
Lane Factory
Brian Shoop
Darryl Cox
Randy Wayne
Annie Funke
PJ Sosko
Bruce Davis
Ginger Gilmartin
Colleen Miller
Eric Starkey
Tiffany Feese
Angela Baumgardner
Stephanie Alecia Rose
Jennifer Rader
Hayley Keown
Leesa Neidel
Paige McGarvin
Sabreena Iman
Mary Buss
Hartleigh Buwick
Mackenna Shults
Cate Jones
Lanee Starr

Texas-based Overscale

Janine Turner
Brad Leland
Barry Corbin
Glenn Morshower

Texas-based Scale

Louanne Stephens
Paul T Taylor
Kenneisha Thompson
Taylor Murphy
Tina Parker
Morgana Shaw
Todd Jenkins
Billy Blair
Austin Alexander
Donny Boaz
Todd Terry
Orlando Valentino
Patrick Grover
Katie Fountain
Damon Carney

Our Clients

Blake Blair
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