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11th Annual



Just like last year, actors nationwide can now participate in our annual charity event, inspired by members of the Casting Society of America.


It’s a completely open call, allowing actors from anywhere to upload a monologue or scene for our casting office to review. 


How does it work?

We would sure appreciate it if you made a small donation to one of the charities listed below. You’ll feel good when you do. And hey!  It’s tax-deductible.










These are charities dear to our heart and even a few dollars will make a difference during a tough year.  Of course you aren’t required to make a donation in order to upload a tape, but if you can help people worse off than you this year, we would be thankful. It doesn’t have to be much.  A couple bucks.  Or five. Or ten.  Twenty if you’re feeling really generous. But if you can only do two dollars, that’s fine.






Then, just upload a self-tape monologue to our Dropbox, using the guidelines listed at the bottom of this page.


If you have representation, we will distribute your video just among the team at Freihofer Casting.  Chris, Jenn and Tori will take a look over the holidays.


If you are seeking representation, not only will the casting team see your video, but we will also share it with local and regional talent agents interested in signing new talent.


Yeah.  It’s a pretty awesome showcase.


Next year we will hopefully be able to do it once again in person, and fill our lobby with treats and goodies like we normally do. But this year, let’s stay safe, stay home, and give back how we can.


We look forward to seeing you strut your stuff on our screens.




We will not accept videos after December 31, 2021.





What is Meals for Monologues?

It’s a chance for any actor to show us who they are and/or what they can do. We normally have it live and in person, opening our doors to the public for the only time each year. In exchange for at least two non-perishable food items , actors are allowed 2 minutes to perform, typically a monologue.  This year, we are doing it all virtually.


We started this 10 years ago when Chicago Casting Director Claire Simon challenged other Casting Society of America members to do what her office started a few years before. It has since swept across the CSA, and Freihofer Casting has put its own spin on the event. We love seeing familiar faces, and it is thrilling to discover new talent.


Sometimes actors are frustrated at being unable to get into the doors of our office, or unable to be seen and considered for projects we are casting. The hard truth is that there are only so many hours in a day and only so much budget allowed, so we sometimes don’t have time or budget to see as many new faces as we would like.  This is your chance to be known to us.


It needs to be stated that we are not casting anything specifically at this event. This is an open showcase for anybody.


Why should I do it?

Our casting office may not know you, or you may feel we don’t know your potential. This is your chance to do whatever you want, to show you at your best.  We have often made new discoveries at this event, and have brought people in to audition for, and often book, future projects.  And isn’t it a fun and festive way to give back?


But you already know my talent. Why should I do it this year?

Do something we haven’t seen before.  Show us a different side to you.  Or, you know, just act for a few minutes and donate to the cause.  What harm could possibly come from it?  We’ve been quarantined during this crazy year. Here’s a chance to put your muscles to work.


Does it have to be a monologue?

Nope.  But monologues often serve the actor best. It can be a scene. Just make sure to follow the guidelines.


Can I upload more than one video?

Actors are allowed to upload one video under the guidelines. We can’t stop you from uploading more, but we won’t watch them. We will only watch the first video received from an actor. The others will be deleted.


Why do I have to send a donation?

You don’t have to. But we hope you will.



How do I prove I sent a donation?

This is on the honor system. And, you know, kharma.  You can send us a receipt if you want to, but we aren’t checking on anyone.


What kind of scene or monologue should I do?

Remember, we are a casting office for mostly films, a lot of commercials, and a little bit of television.  We don’t cast theater.  Stay away from Shakespeare and anything like that. Also, stay away from something super familiar. We don’t need to see “You can’t handle the truth” or Captain Quint’s monologue from Jaws.  Also, probably stay away from accents.  Pick a monologue or scene that helps us consider you for the types of things we cast.  Above all else, just show us good acting.





YOUR TAPE IS LIMITED TO NO MORE THAN 2 MINUTES. Do a 2-minute monologue, or two 1-minute monologues, or a short scene.  But the whole tape cannot exceed 2 minutes.  


All videos must be one file in one take. 

At the beginning, slate your name, height, city/state, and your agent (if you do not have an agent, slate your name, height, city/state, state that you do not have a talent agent, and say and spell your email address)


Then go right into your scene or monologue. (It should be memorized and well-prepared)


At the end of your scene or monologue, say “This has been (Your Name) and this is for Meals for Monologues 2021”



All files must be UNDER 200MB in length. We will not convert and compress your file for you.

All videos need to be filmed HORIZONTALLY.
No vertical phone videos.

BEGIN the tape with video, NOT of a black screen or any titles. NO titles, please. The first thing we need to see is your face in the scene. Not even a fade-in. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

Videos should be shot as a 3-button (lower-chest to top of head). Please, no head space on the top of the screen.
Please keep all light sources in front of you.


We understand that self tapes will be sent from people’s homes. It’s ok. We would rather you stay safe and socially distant rather than have studio-quality tapes. If you have a self tape studio at home, great. But don’t sweat it if you don’t.

Keep light sources in front of you. Try to pick a room that isn’t very echo-ey.

If you don’t have a professional backdrop, or blank wall, don’t sweat it. We expect to see hallways, living rooms, whatever. Do what you can, but just make sure we can plainly see and hear you.

Again, the message of the day is….WE GET IT.  DON’T SWEAT IT.

Donate arrow.png

Click the logo of one of these charities to please make a small donation to help them through the holidays.

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 11.36.42 AM 2.
Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 11.36.42

Empowering high school students who live alone to finish their education, providing food, supplies and even housing

Empowering people in need of food, homes and hope.

All animals available for adoption are rescued from euthanasia from the Oklahoma Animal Shelters.  

We believe that women have the right to live in safety, to be treated with dignity, to make choices and to hope.

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