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At FreihoFer Casting

Freihofer Casting, the leading casting office in the state of Oklahoma, accepts submissions for interns to work in the casting office three times per year, corresponding with college semesters:  January- May, May-August and August-December.


Many of our former interns currently work in production for various companies like MTV, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Disney, MGM and more.  Some have gone on to work as assistants and associates for Casting Directors in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Austin. We have hired summer interns from film and acting programs like NYU, Penn State and the University of Iowa, not to mention our local colleges and universities.  Most school-year interns come from local universities or from the community.


The interns will assist in the auditions and casting for actors and extras for feature film, television, commercials and more.  The work will be performed in Norman, OK.


Up to 4 interns will be hired for the duration each session.  


Those applying must have their own transportation, good computer skills and excellent telephone and people skills.  They must be friendly, outgoing, self-motivated and well organized.   Our ideal candidates for the Internship Program are current college students, or recent college graduates, though anyone over the age of 18 with their own transportation may apply.  


Interns must be available to commit blocks of time a few days per week.  They will be scheduled in shifts, either mornings or evenings  or both. Our hours are generally 9 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday. Very, very rarely is there any night or weekend work.


Interns get a feel  for the fast pace of the casting world, get to know agents on the phone, learn to schedule and confirm casting schedules, greet actors, do a little crowd control every now and then and get a chance to see what goes on behind the doors during a Television, Film, or Commercial audition itself.


Prior to Covid-19 temporarily shuttering the intern program,  Freihofer Casting interns have most recently been in the casting rooms and on set for the films STILLWATER with Matt Damon, the A24 film MINARI, nominated for 6 Academy Awards, 13 MINUTES, now in select theaters, and AMERICAN UNDERDOG: THE KURT WARNER STORY, opening in theaters Christmas Day, 2021.  Past interns have worked with filmmakers Francis Ford Coppola, Terrence Malick, William H. Macy, Andrea Arnold, Nick Searcy, Paul Dano, Patricia Heaton and more.


"The best acting class, the best production class, is serving as an intern in a casting office," said Freihofer.  "You learn so much about the audition, casting and business side of the acting industry; it really is a crash course."  


There is no pay for the internships, but colleges and universities offer college credit for the service. Applicants must receive college credit for the internship.


Freihofer stressed the educational opportunities are unparalleled. Former Freihofer Casting interns work professionally in the industry all over the country, both behind and in front of the camera. Former interns work for Warner Brothers, MTV, Nickelodeon and production companies in Los Angeles, New York, Austin and more.  


To apply for one of the internships, send a resume and cover letter, including your schedule of availability for the semester for which you are applying to .  Make the SUBJECT LINE of your email CASTING INTERNS - (Internship Session).   (Example:  CASTING INTERNS - MAY-AUGUST, 2020).

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